Soul Speak™ Sessions – These are individual sessions that are action-oriented and PACKED with intuitive depth and heart and mind work to get you the clarity you need, working from within and with the guidance of your spirit guides and/or channeled messages.

In the Soul Speak sessions, I help you gain clarity on where you are now, and what needs to be addressed in your life to move forward. I help you in your path to alignment with your true self. You will have to do the work and be ready for transformation and growth.

*Although the sessions are of an intuitive nature where some channeling and guidance may happen, these are not divinatory sessions or for predicting the future.

All sessions are individually unique working with the issues that may be keeping you stuck, unclear, or fearful to move ahead with your vision of life.  As well as connecting and working with  your own intuitive guides and cosmic messages.

Soul Speak™ Sessions  are specifically to work on a specific issue/area/theme in your life and business; intuitive but also practical guidance and coaching will be given. Each session is specific to each person.

If you have any questions, please contact me before booking. See my terms and conditions.