Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. What are Soul Speak™ Sessions?
    They are individual sessions that are action-oriented and PACKED with intuitive depth and heart + mind work to get you the clarity you need working from within, and sometimes with the help of your spirit guides and channeled messages. We address a specific issue or area you need clarity or guidance on. For more details, please click here
  2. How do I prepare for my session?
    It is helpful if you have a specific area/issue you would like to address. Avoiding heavy foods and caffeine before the session will be helpful to you and to the session itself. Given the intuitive nature of this sessions, one or more issues/aspects of your life may be addressed, depending on the soul connection I establish with you. Overall, be relaxed and enjoy the experience.
  3. How do I purchase a session with you?
    You can purchase your individual or group session in the You+Me section of this website.
  4. Are you available for speaking or in person events?
    Yes, I am available for speaking and/or retreats in person and online events on a limited basis. You can use the Contact Me form for more information and availability.
  5. Do you record our sessions?
    Due to the highly personal nature of sessions, and for you to get the best out of the session and its content, I do not record your readings. 
  6. What other products or services do you offer?
    At this time my shop is being updated. I will be opening the cart for new programs and healing services shortly. You can get updates about my shop and what I offer by subscribing to my newsletter here.
  7. Do you offer refunds?
    All sales are final. We do not accept returns.
    Skype and/or phone sessions, and all purchases are subject to you providing the correct billing and contact information. Please see my full terms and conditions.
  8. I have other questions not answered here, how can I get them answered?
    For any other inquiries, please contact me here

Channeling, the Council of Orion, Intuition, Who I Am

  1. What is that channeling thing you do? 
    One of the definition of a trance channel is a person who is able to set their conscious self aside to allow a non-physical spirit being to speak through their body. There are different kinds of channelling, being conscious channeling the one I do. *This is NOT mediumship of departed souls. I do not see dead people at the time of channeling.
    I am fully conscious and present during the sessions, I am a transmitter of the information passed on to me by the Council of Orion and the I AM, as well as other higher vibrational beings.
  2. Where did you learn to channel?
    I have been an intuitive since I was five years old; it runs in my family. As an adult I was able to learn to work with energy healing and shamanic practices, but always kept channeling aside or restricted, as "I was afraid of what the world might've thought if they knew what i could do". You can read more about me and my background with spiritual work in my About Me section.
  3. Who is the Council of Orion? Do you Channel other beings?
    The Council of Orion is a group of beings that are in a different and separate higher dimension and vibrational frequency as we know it. They are benevolent and are here to share with us their wisdom on self ascension, life, technology, healing, and more. Throughout my life I have been channeling messages from different lineages, both earthly and cosmic, through my dreams, intuitive readings, and channeling. The Council is one of several 13th dimension beings that are in contact with me, currently. When in private or group sessions, sometimes other beings of higher realm, as well as spirit guides show up to share with the person at hand.
  4. Do you follow a specific religion?
    I have a background in Christianity (Catholic and Baptist) as a child and youth. As I grew older,  I practiced the sacred arts from my South American roots and also followed Eastern practices and teachings. However, since my mid 20s I have not been a member of a specific organized religion. I work with my intuitive guidance and gifts given by the universal consciousness to all of us when we are born. I am a spiritual being in a human body.
  5. What is your background and experience?
    I have worked and studied in different backgrounds and cultures. For more details, please see my About Me page.