RE-Imaginning Your Life


It is the last day of 2016. I am at the airport gate waiting for my flight home and thinking about so many things; what this current 2016 year has brought for me and the world around me. I reflect on the things I accomplished, the things I didn't finish (yes, I managed to keep some unchecked in my list), the people I've met, the pains and the sorrows, the loves and the laughters.

Each year we wait until the last day of December to reflect on our life, our goals, our purpose.
Each year we talk harsh at ourselves for the things we didn't accomplish, and we talk love and praise to ourselves for the things we did finish and accomplish.

But what about we RE-IMAGINE our 2016 to the fullest? 

What about we revisit the times of hardship and challenge and we give thanks for the resilience and growth it brought us? How does that make you feel?

I say, YOU ROCK 2016! You were the rock that I stood on and the one that was thrown at me, the seed that I planted and the harvest that failed. 

I LOVE YOU 2016!

You and all that you brought to my life and our collective life. Each event that happened in our lives and the world brought us closer together as human beings, as individuals, as a family; a human family. Many times we didn't act, we didn't get to help that much, but all in all  we were there. 

Thank you 2016 for the rocking year 9 you brought us!


It is New moon week and new year approaching

The moon has been one of my guides and teachers all my life. From the days my grandmother taught me how to read the weather, the clouds and the wind. She was a wise one, a tough woman to some, but a loving wise woman to many others, including me.

As I looked at the moon and the stars this winter, I realized that I was missing working with the energy of the moon, as I used to do. The moon energy brings us patterns, movement, depth of insight; it helps us look within for the answers to the outside world.

In 2017 I am Re-imagining my life; and the moon will be there to guide me as much as the stars, the cosmos within and the world around me.


Transformation and Expansion in 2017

I will be reworking the plans and vision of my world to reflect more the connection and vibrational healing and growth that comes with being the I AM that we are.

New seasonal offerings that are already peeking through in my shop, Cosmic Alignmentofferings and mentorship, artwork, and exclusive musings for my VIP subscribers, and inspirational resources for all levels of awareness and the journey within, is what will be in store at LIDYSGARCIA.COM. 

That, and all the shifting and inspiration that I am guided to birth in the next year for the world. Things will change, morph, transform, birth, die, expand, and just BE. That's how the cosmos moves and lives, and how our lives and our vision manifests.

Let's make the new year one that expands our minds and souls!



The Power Of Words for Healing and Ascension

The Power of Words for Healing and Ascension

Channeled message from The I AM Serenia and The Council of Orion 

Gifted on 9/9/16 through Lidys Garcia



*During this session, the question was asked about using affirmations before going to sleep, and how this process works in healing the core matrix. The I AM Serenia answered as follows:

Words. We are the word and the word is us. Words build and construct, words destroy. When affirmations are shared with your subconscious mind at night, at the time of going to sleep state, all of those words and sound vibrations become that cellular memory that you already have imprinted in you. The words that are said before bed are part of that communication device that allows for all the DNA, and center, and atoms, to connect and remember and create that which is you. New for you and this body, however not new in the essence of who we are as civilization.

Each word is important as you and your human body might remember and align itself with the sound of that. Through the sound we communicate with you. We have communicated with lidys through many eons through sounds, as she is one of  us and we are one of her. Sound is important. Words create sound and sound create words.

Vibrational healing goes beyond that which you think and believe it is.

Vibrational goes  beyond that which is words. It resonates in your body in frequencies and sequences that you are not aware of. Some you may feel physically and others you may feel mentally. Furthermore, all that you will acquire through this healing and vibration through the sounds of your words gets imprinted from the first hair of your head, to the last cell on your toe, and to the sides, inside, outside and all of around. As it is a  golden shield that bathe you at night.

It is important work not only at night but at any time. The evening is special as your human body rests physically and is able to plug to what the source is. While you are awake you unplug from us and it is a little bit more challenging to connect with you, until you are at a state of mind and being that is easier. Persons that have achieved that are well known in your world, and we do support them as they are One, as they are part of the One they are.

May you understand this. Thank you.



(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit asChanneled by Lidys Garcia, and/or with previous written permission. In love + light. Lidys


Aligning Our purpose and Healing Earth

Aligning to Our Purpose and Healing The Earth

Channeled message from The I AM Serenia and The Council of Orion 

Gifted on 9/9/16 through Lidys Garcia


Earth's Alignment and Our Purpose

Earth as you know it is shifting rapidly from all the previous times. There is no more time to wait. Those who need  to move and relocate in order to do better work must do so. You align with your Gaia with your mother earth as you call. Put this in your work every night and morning, align with the sequences and geographic alignment of earth and where you are. Ask in connection to Gaia, ask her what she needs and where she needs you. Sometimes humans get attached at places and people and atmosphere. Do not do so. In order to be of service to your Self, you human fellows, and your mission and purpose you must be open to align with that which needs to be worked on and aligned with. Gaia has its own vibrational field. And her own sequential vibrational and orientation. At this time, the movements are  [inaudible] and thus you have seen these changes in atmospheric expressions of your earth. You may ask in connection to Gaia and to that which you call mother Mary, on how to pursue and how to move forward where  she needs you the most. Things are shifting and our physicality is shifting and changing. We are in a different stage galactically. Because as you may remember, the cosmic and the earthly is created by  all of us. And also destroyed by all of us. You may access it and you may not. The key of accessing your Gaia connection and ask where you may be of service. That will help you humanly but that will be of purpose to your mission.

A Message of Love

You are loved child.  You are of love. There is much  work to do and is much  left to share. Everything is in alignment for each one  of you, as we are all one connected. We are transmitting to you as needed and when needed. At times it may be in hours that you do not agree with, but remember the more you are working in alignment with yourself, as the I AM, the better and easier it is for you and for us to be one.

Aligning With Earth's Healing

The healing of this earth is already begun. Now, is the stage of further healing. Gaia must be healed promptly. As part of the cosmic purpose. We each must connect. Do not close your minds and ears and mouths to that which you must share with others. Sound is  of importance. Words are of importance. Written words are of importance. Mindshift mind work is of importance.  Do not fear lidys ]LIGHT LANGUAGE] Garcia. What you call mother Mary is one of us as one of us is all of you. May you understand this. May you understand as what you call gaia or earth It is one of us as well; projections in these timelines of space that you call now, yesterday, tomorrow. But there is no such thing. 



(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit as Channeled by Lidys Garcia, with a link to this blog, and/or with previous written permission. In love + light. Lidys.


How To Transform Fear



I Am Not My Fears


How to Transform Fear and Be Your Cosmos

So here I am trying to figure out what to write, what to say, how to express to you what goes through my mind, through my heart, and my body every time I sit to write down an article or I think about the many things that I want to share with you.

You see, it all stems from fear; from the fear that comes  about sharing my thoughts and feelings on an online setting. There are different kinds of fears; there is the innate fear and there is the social fear that we develop as we grow older. Ultimately, it is up to us to look at each one of these fears that we have in front of us and deal with them. But more than dealing with them, it is better to erase them, to transform them into something that is useful, in a way that help us grow and help us be and become that which we already are: the highest expression of God of the I AM, of the universe itself.

Let's Transform Fear!

So when you look at yourself in the mirror like I do at times, think about every single time that you have felt fear. Every time that you look at yourself in the mirror - the mirror of your job, the mirror of your friends, the mirror of your family situations, the mirror of your own self, the mirror when you are looking at you in the morning; each time you can take that experience and live with it individually, separately, from all other experiences. Since it is taking a look at each one of those moments of fear, that take us at step closer to where we need to be, grow, and move from where we are (fear, doubt) and into the step ahead. 

Therefore, each moment of fear you have, take it in your hands and breathe on it love, breathe on it compassion. Send the breath from your mouth, the breath that makes you alive, the one that makes you who you are, exist in this physical world. It is with the power of a breath and our hands that were able to take that which we think is just a concept or a feeling, and make it into something different. So take that fear that is in you mind and put it in your hands; look at it and bless it; ask it questions - where did you come from? who are you? where are you going? Then breeze your breath into it, along with your new message for your life and your purpose.

You are not erasing the fear completely out of his existence, you are erasing the patterns that come through fear, through the experience of fear. Those patterns of thought and behaviour are the one that we sometimes don't even know where they come from, or how we put them there. It does not matter.  they are there for reason; they are there for a purpose. Make fear that purpose you need it to be.

Take ownership of the purpose that comes from being the cosmos. Take ownership of it.

Take ownership of fear and the purpose that you are in the cosmos.

Transform the fear into the cosmos that you are.

We do this by aligning with the teaching that lives inside the fear itself. If it is the fear of public speaking, then what is the issue that makes you afraid of speaking in public? what is the purpose of that fear of public speaking? How can you transform the fear of public speaking and send it to the cosmos of your purpose? Continue this exercise in awareness with each of those fears at the moment they happen. It may not be convenient to you; you may be in a grocery store, you may be at work, but acknowledge the fear and doubt with your thoughts and your body in a soft whisper:

“I see you and thank you fear. Let's be one in the cosmos of my I Am today.”
and move on.

Taking that moment to work with your fears and transform them,  can only but enhance your relationship with your inner and outer cosmos; that cosmos of peace, understanding and kindness to yourself and others, and to living in alignment with your creator.

Now you are taking that ownership of it's presence in your life and you are not letting it take over your life at that moment. By simply acknowledging it and transforming it to align with you and your being, you are already taking your power back by moving from that fear to the step ahead.

With the most love I share with you this because I have lived in that space; because I am still in that space at times; because every day there is a little fear that comes into my life in one way or another and makes me doubt myself and my presence and purpose in life. Fear does this either through other people, through circumstances at work, at home, with friends, or more directly with my own self.

Ownership of My Fears.

One of the things that I have worked on throughout different stages of my life, has been dealing with my own fears and doubts; and moving from that into a place of action, a place of transformation, a place of renewal, a place where I am safe, loved, and powerful as I am already. I share this with you so you can see that we are not perfect, none of us is. We are perfection embodied in a human body that allows us to experience imperfection at many levels.

The perfection of our essence comes from and through how we deal with the imperfections of our humanity.

We cannot experience being the cosmos we are, until we experience the humanity that we are in this body. Whether this is something that you believe or not, it does not matter. Being the cosmos is not a religion; is just simply the opportunity to engage in conversation about what is beyond our comprehension and limitations. It is an opportunity to talk about that which is beyond what the passive mind tells us that is and exist.

Have I dealt with all my fears and now am I going to be free of fears? No. That is the least of things to happen in your life, and in my life specifically. Transforming fear into purpose does not make it disappear and not show up in future moments/events.

Let's just make fear something different. Let's make it work for us, make it work for you.

YOU are the cosmos. You are not your fears.
I am not my fears; I Am the Cosmos.

Using fear as a tool for transformation is the path to mastery, and thus the path to ascension.


The Shasta Connection


The Shasta Connection

The Mother Mary and Kwan Yin Garden. Mt Shasta, CA, USA

The Mother Mary and Kwan Yin Garden. Mt Shasta, CA, USA


There are certain places in the world that are of much interest to the spiritual community. They are places where we are told the energies of the universe meet as a vortex, with much energy and synergy available to those who go there. There is nothing to believe or not believe about these places or the vortexes in them.

What there is to believe is that all that we create our own reality. We are beings made of energy and vibrational frequencies. The places we call vortexes are places we can connect more directly and fully to our own energetic potencial and the cosmos itself. Some of those well known places are the Egyptian Pyramids, Mount Shasta, Chichen Itza, Machu Pichu, Sedona desert, Stonehenge, Lake Titikaka, and many more. 

This year I had the privilege and blessing to visit Mount Shasta in Northern California as part of a spiritual retreat with one of my mentors, Renee Li. The group was small but powerful. the experience was unique, as it is with everything we do in life. The opportunity was there and I made it happen.

But I can say that it was not easy going to make it happen. First I had to deal with my own personal patterns of trust, the travel, the finances, and finally; ME. I had been ready for a retreat for quite some time and was already planning to have one this year of my own with a small group of local friends. Things as they happen, I ended up not being able to make that retreat happen due to a family emergency. But the yearning for retreat time was so vividly there still. 

I have, throughout the years, been able to attend retreats of spiritual, business, and personal ones. All have been fun, deep, and opening to so much more after the retreat is over. The experience in Shasta was one of these times where my spiritual and human self were able to enjoy themselves, grow, and connect in more ways than one.

Finding new and old friends and teachers.

The retreat in Mount Shasta brought together 7 people that had never met in person or at all before, to make of the three days a beautiful time to connect and REmember who we were. We met, we laughed, we activated, we cried, we got lost, we ate; and for some, we saw beyond the veil of human comprehension and into the essence that we are. 


The Third Eye and St Germain activations were beautiful and powerful. The presence of beings of love and light, I believe enhanced further our understanding of our purpose in life, in business, in being us. For some, this was the first time they had done activations of this type. For the rest, we REactivated ourselves, while Mercury was starting to be retrograde. A good time to REnew, REactivate, REvamp our lives... and so we did.

Thank you to my friends and peers who participated in this retreat. I saw myself in each one of you and it was a blessing in growth and understanding. 







Doubts and The Fabric of Life



Doubts and the Fabric of Life

Channeled message from The I AM Serenia 

Gifted through Lidys Garcia on the day of Cosmic alignment 9/9/9 (on 9/9/2016 a 9 year)



On Doubts and The Fabric of One

May you not doubt yourself or your mission. When you do, you do a disservice to your I Am and to that I am of those who are waiting for you. Once you set them free, they will be on their own I Am. but do not doubt your work. It is all that there for you. When your apprehensions as human take over your mission, you’re behind. May you understand that. That which comes to you  from all of us  which is you, is of highest service.

When in doubt, always, always ask for this to be of highest service and to come in alignment with the I AM and with the cosmic source that you are.

There are certain low dimensional beings and energies that try to infiltrate in your life. That comes through doubt. Open a hole in your fabric of one. A hole that allows for darkness [...] Every time you doubt, you also collect [...] May you continue with your purpose, that which do not work in your [inaudible] It always works in ours. Do not compare yours with ours. It is not of your work, as you know it you are us. 

May you not doubt, and i do say with stern words, may you not doubt yourself, or your communication. The moment you do, then you disconnect from that higher self that is you. Understand that we are not here to tell you what to do but we are here to  remind you of who you are and what you do. So asking for permission is one thing, however, when you ask more than that and doubt yourself, those messages get pulled back in the box like the bird. Do not be the bird in the box. Do not be the bird in a cage.

So when doubt comes in you are restraining  others from accessing their purpose and I Am.

Never look at yourself as just you; when you do, you do not allow others to reach their all I Am or One.

Please be open and be of work , of earnest work, and share as is needed and as you are guided.


(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit as: Channeled by Lidys Garcia, with a link to this website, and/or with previous written permission. In love + light. Lidys

Your I Am and Your Purpose

The Essence of Your I AM and Your Purpose

Channeled Message from the I AM, SERENIA 

Gifted on 9/9/2016 through Lidys Garcia, a powerful day of energetic flow!



We Are One.

[...]work is one that goes beyond the flesh and body. Work is one that transcends all that which [you] see, because what [you] see is that limited eye view of the human body and consciousness at a different level than ours. Remember you and us are the same and one. It is with different vibration, densities, frequencies, and that which you call All Of That Is, that we may or may not come in today. But we are all connected and communicate as needed. It is a pleasure to work with those who are open and who are able  to see that light that is within them, and that comes from that which is all of us in the universe; as we are all co-creators of the universe that we see and do not see.

There are many things that you do not see or experience in this encapsulated human body of yours. It is with great pleasure that we share with you in many different ways. From the simplest, to that in between, which most are fixated with. However, but..

 ...if you open that mind, that consciousness that is already within you,
you will be able to see the brilliance of your humanity as it is supposed to be.

It is not a fairy tale. It is not that which you think is non existent non [inaudible] . it is existent. It aligns with each cell and DNA dimension of your body. That is, body that is physical, mental, emotional, psychically beyond this body.

Ways to Connect With Your I AM

There are many dimensions that we share with you. In your sleep. In your words, in your thoughts. All of those are knowledge and teachings that are shared within all of us interconnected. When you go to sleep it is a state that allows us all to be connected in that which is the Onenes of the One I AM. you call it I Am. it is a beautiful name as it brings it back to that which is you in this human presence, but also connected to that which is beyond this realm. Dream state is that part of work that we do with you. Your children also in their state. Children are wonderful. Communicate at different level and vibration than you adult. Sad sad sad. When you change into adult, it’s loss of connection. However, at night we do connect and vibrate, and heal, and share information that is needed. At your different steps we analyze and supervise and make sure that the alignment is correct for us to transmit that knowledge. Many times people do not understand what they are receiving in dreams or in real life.  But remember your real life is a reflection of what you really are. It is not real, the real life, but all that which is the dreams that you call dreams. It is not . it is  us. We are working together.

Your Mission and Purpose

There is the Gaia mission. There is the cosmic mission. There is the earthly mission. earthly and Gaia  is different. We transmit as necessary and as adequately. And all of those of us I Am, and you I Am, all are one but one I Am. missions are always there.

Mission is one: To be the I AM that you are. 
The purpose is always one: To bring that into resonance with all of us in different dimensions and planetary levels.

Who we are is that which you are. It is so important that you may remember this and share with others. As all teachers and masters that we have connected; you, lidys, and those beyond, will be connectively making this one unison healing of one unison ascension that is already happening with you.

Do not, do not fear the comprehension of others or miss- dis-comprehension, as that does not limit your purpose, your guidance, and your work.

Keep continuing as you say forward. And all it is all will come to be.



(*) To keep this message clear and preserve its meaning, context, and purpose, you may share this information outside of this blog by giving credit as Channeled by Lidys Garcia, and/or with previous written permission. In love + light. Lidys


Doing what you love is not good



Doing What You Love Is Not Good...

And What To Do Instead.


“Just do what you love, and you’ll love what you do!”

 How many times have you heard this?

Too many to count, I know.

There are so many times in life we’ve been told, heard, or read this saying. But what does it really mean? Do you know?

Let me share with  you what I think and know. The truth of the matter is that doing what you love is not good, it's not even pretty. Doing what you love is the last thing in the world that you want to do. Why? Because doing what you love requires fearlessness, requires action, requires a sense of self that goes beyond where we are as human beings and individuals. It’s not easy, and it’s not nice.

Doing what you love had been dormant in my life for many decades, pretty much my whole life it seems at times. I was conscious and aware as a child that I was here on this earth to do what I was meant to do, to do what I loved. What I can tell you is that it’s not been easy; that thing, doing what I love. Because what I love for some people is not good or enough, for other people is great.

But what does it mean for me? The "what you love" part - That's the part that had made me stuck and had stopped me all these years; is that I love so many things. Just the fact that I am in this human body, in this human existence, in this interconnectivity with others makes it already difficult to do what I love. Because doing what you love is a sentence that sets your mind into the "Doing" part.

Doing what you love is not good, nice, or easy

"Oh it’s easy', many say, "just go out there and DO something."

The part about "love" is the most difficult part of the sentence to enact on, because you are focusing so much in the doing that you lose sight of what you really love; of what that love is, where it comes from, and why is there in the first place. So next time that you hear that phrase, that you read that phrase, that you tell yourself that phrase; be mindful of what is going on with those words and what is coming in from those words.

Because in my experience, doing what you love is not easy. It makes you look inside yourself and that place you have never looked before or have avoided for a long time. It makes you see yourself with a different light. A light that shines on the darkest and lightest places of yourself and others, as well as the most unknown places of yourself.

Doing what you love is not good. Why? Because you may be stuck with the doing, and forget about the loving. Is not good because the expectations of those around you, and of yourself will make you doubt, and even not try, or quit after you start.

What do you do instead?

First, let me ask you: what is it that you love, and would you want it to be the work that you do?

It is a tough question. The mere act of asking is already a loaded issue. But we have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is from within. I work with people who want to do what they love, change, transform into their own BEing. I get them to look at their world from the inside out to make sense of the outside that they live in.  

I can tell you that from their experience, and my experience working with them as well as with myself, I have come to the same conclusion:

We don't really know what the fuck we love.

So doing what you love, like the quote says, is fucked up, is not good, and sure as heck is not nice.

Both my mentees and myself have come to the same conclusion:

Doing what you love, requires more guts than you could ever possible have. Are you ready to do that?

Because, I have been there. I still am there at times; in that place of insecurity, in the place of doubt, in the place of is this really what I want to do because I love it? I have been there, in the place of what the heck do I Love doing? We all have been there.

And through all this questioning, and through all of this process with myself and others, I have found that doing what you love goes beyond the simple phrases, those simple words. Sometimes I don't want to do the doing, I just want to love. Sometimes I just want to do the doing, so I don't have to do the love. And sometimes I just don't want either. Sometimes I just want to do what everyone else is doing, the norm, the known, the what's proven, the why not keep doing it, you know; the same.

When I find myself in those places of doubt; sometimes, I have been sitting there so deeply inside, at the bottom of the murky place of doubt, fear, doing, loving, that it takes me a long time to get out. But more and more through the years, and through working with other people and helping others; through my artwork; through the relationships that I have in life; through the different jobs  I've done; I have been able to get more of the love part and the doing part to work together. I have been able to help others more as we grow together in this work of the 'doing what you love' thing.

Doing what you love is not good or even nice. But it sure as heck beats doing what everybody else is doing and everyone else is loving.

So I challenge you today to take that first step to get out of the pattern of doing what you love, just because that's what everybody else is saying or what you think you are supposed to do.

I can tell you it's much easier when you just do YOU.

When you take that sentence and break it apart and make it whole again, in your own terms.

Find that which is within you that is called love and run with it. Run with it in every way that you can and desire.

Make it your dreams, make it your waking life, make it your job, make it your friend, make it your lover. Only when you make it so, when you make it YOU, would you be able to really do what you love.

I invite you.