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I believe that true freedom is the power to manifest what truly lies within us, no matter where we find ourselves. As an intuitive coach + mentor, energy healer, and visual artist, I help frustrated lightworkers and artists get the clarity they need and grow their vision with purpose from the inside out.  Together, we uncover what makes you truly “you” and build your path to success from within .




The High VibesGazette- Get your dose of good vibes every Friday with inspirational musings, resources, free downloads, exclusive offers and more!...


Blog - Let's get to know each other more!... I share my view on life and biz, the Power Wow™ love bombs, and quarterly faves. I also share channeled messages from the Council of Orion and the I AM.


SoulSpeak Sessions are action-oriented 1:1 engagements to help you work with a specific aspect of your life and find greater alignment between your vision and the everyday world. 


“Working with Lidys, I really enjoyed the personal connection and her lack of judgement.
Lidys was understanding and compassionate without being condescending.”
- Johanna Veenendaal-Knowles,

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